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Aiming for Volunteering Excellence

Volunteers are integral to the work of The Maypole Project. Alongside offering their time, they bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and skills to the organisation which we value highly. With this in mind, we want every volunteer who walks through our door to have a positive experience of volunteering with us, from the time they enquire to the time to leave us. To achieve this, we need to continuously look at how we can develop our volunteering programme to meet the needs of volunteers.

A very important part of this process is listening to our existing volunteers and getting feedback about their experience of volunteering with us.  This invaluable information helps us understand what we are doing well and where we can improve.

To start this conversation, in July, we sent out our annual volunteer satisfaction survey to all our volunteers who volunteer regularly and/or have been with us for at least a few months. We had a great response with over half of our volunteers completing the survey. And overall, the results are very positive with a large percentage of volunteers rating our volunteer management processes and procedures as excellent or good. Also, 96% feel that their volunteering has met their expectations and feel they are a valued member of the team.

These results are very encouraging and the feedback we received has offered us an insight into where we could improve as well. We will be looking at this in more detail over the next few months.

The process doesn’t stop there though. We also hope to continue to give volunteers a voice and an opportunity to play a part in the development of volunteering at The Maypole Project by starting a Volunteer Forum. This forum will be a space where volunteers can provide ongoing feedback on their volunteering experience and also provide an opportunity for us to consult with volunteers on new volunteer developments and projects.

These insights will be invaluable in informing our volunteer plans going forward so we can continuously improve the quality of our volunteering programme and realise our ambitions to make The Maypole Project an excellent place to volunteer.