Activities and Outings

The Maypole Project provides activities and outings for children and young people with complex medical needs, SEN and disabilities.

These activities are designed to bring children and young people together to create peer support, make friends and importantly allow parents/carers to take a well-deserved break.  Our activities and outings are for children and young people with complex medical needs, SEN or disability.

Covid-19 has meant we have had to adapt our services. However we are pleased to be able to offer the following activities whilst adhering to government guidelines.

If you would like any further info please contact our Support Team on or 01689 889 889

We welcome siblings!

Maypole Active

Maypole Active is an inclusive sports and activities club, designed for children (aged 5 – 12yrs) with a complex medical need, SEN or disability, to gain access to sport.

Maypole Active is also a great way for children to socialise with their team mates, make friendships and create peer support in an informal setting.

Please contact support us at in regards to active

Drumming Workshop

These workshops are designed for our children and young people of all abilities to take part in our drumming/music club where they will learn different rhythms and songs.

The workshops are led by the highly experienced drummers and musicians from the Pengenista Drummers, supported by Maypole personnel

Venue: Zoom sessions

£7 per child per session

Siblings are welcome! 

Please contact or call 01689 889 889

Maypole Youth Club

Our Youth Club format has had to change to adapt to the current situation it takes place once  a week and will either be held face to face in an outdoor space or if the weather is not good for this we hold the sessions remotely. The youth club has been designed to give young people (aged 12yrs +) a safe place and environment where they can build confidence in social situations develop and build life skills, friendships and have fun.

We welcome siblings!

£7 per child per session

For more Information Please contact or call 01689 889 889.

Buddy Scheme

A Maypole Buddy Maypole team member will be paired with a young person or child to be there buddy. The buddy session will either be remote and online as zoom call or face to face with in a park or outdoor space. The idea of the session is to engage in a different activity  like art, quizzes, or a board game. Or if they are face to face in a park using the playground or sports based activity.

The buddy sessions are designed to alleviate isolation and to give a brief respite for parents as well  encourage social interaction and create a buddy.

The sessions can be weekly, bi-weekley or monthly to suit the needs of the child.

The length of a session if on a zoom call is 30 mins if the session is face to face it can be up to an hour.

“Phil – I’m so delighted and utterly grateful that  Sarah took the time to see Lily.  It really is just what she needs.  And I think  time away from mum is brilliant. “

This scheme has a framework which will be discussed with each individual. To register your interest in a place for the buddy scheme please contact our support team on 01689 889 889 or email

Maypole Outings

Our outings are full of fun!  They’re not only a great way for children and young people to make friendships and create peer support in an informal setting, they also provide a great opportunity for  parents and carers to take a well deserved break.

Where: Rainbow Pony Rides

When: October half term 2020

Venue: Underriver Farm, Underriver House Road, Sevenoaks, TN15 0SJ

Our trips to Rainbow Pony rides are always great days out, with fun activities happening as well as whether we are riding or just meeting and petting the pony’s.

Siblings are welcome! 

Places MUST be booked in advance for all the above outings. Please contact or call 01689 889 889


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