Fundraising Ideas

Fundraise for 20 years of The Maypole Project.

2023 is a new year with endless possibilities. It’s also The Maypole Projects 20th Anniversary. So to help us celebrate, take on one of these many fundraising ideas. Or perhaps you have your own challenge already, which you could use as a  fundraiser for The Maypole Project.
  • Donate £20 a month to make a huge difference. 
  • 20 minutes – Take yourself on a 20 minute walk for 20 days to celebrate Maypole’s anniversary year.
  • 20 hours – Take on a gaming marathon and game for 20 hours to raise funds to support children with complex medical needs and their families.
  • 20 meetings – Host a recurring coffee morning/catchup and schedule in 20 meetings. If participants pay £5 each, each person would raise enough for our support workers to take an ill child on an outing.
  • 20km – Challenge yourself to run/walk 20km a month for the rest of the year. Get sponsored by friends and family to raise funds celebrating our 20th year.
  • 20 lengths. Keen swimmer? Take on the challenge of swimming 20 lengths every day for 20 days. By the end of the challenge you will have swam an incredible 40km!
  • 20 miles. Cycle 20 miles a day for 20 days. This challenge isn’t for the faint hearted, take it on a stationary or actual bike. By the end you will have covered the distance from London to Brighton 6 times! 
  • 20 dishes. Challenge yourself to try 20 new recipes in a month and broaden your culinary horizons. Ask for sponsorship or even host dinners to raise funds for your local children’s charity.

To set up any of the challenges or your own event to celebrate 20 years of The Maypole Project contact and also set up your Justgiving page for the Maypole project here.

Let's go!
New Years Resolution Fundraising
Start your new year in the perfect way by setting a resolution you can stick to. Whether it be to go out for runs, stop drinking or spend more time with the family, why not fundraise and ask for sponsorship to commit to your plans. Achieve your goals whilst raising funds for your local children’s charity.
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Take the Plunge

It may be as cold as it gets in January, but that’s a great opportunity to challenge yourself to an icy dip. Get sponsorship from friends/family and colleagues as you brave those chilly waters.
*Please be aware of the danger of swimming in cold/frozen waters. DO NOT take on any challenge without reading through this safety guide
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The Big Cuppa

Organise a Coffee Morning
Let’s get baking, connect with friends and families and host a coffee morning in aid of The Maypole Project.  Coffee mornings are a great way to bring people together and also raise a good amount for charity. Invite a few friends/family members round to spend the morning together with each person chipping in a fiver for a good cause.
Get baking

Celebrate and donate!

If it’s your birthday, anniversary, or other special day, or if you’re getting married (congratulations) and you want to ask for donations to The Maypole Project in lieu of gifts, it’s super easy to do this and will help so many children and young people with complex medical needs.

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