Equality, Diversity & Safeguarding

The Maypole Project is committed to equality of opportunity and ensuring the needs of children, young people and families across the broad population we serve are met.

To achieve this we constantly work in developing our knowledge, skills and awareness of diversity issues. The care we provide and the environment we create to give care reflects our ongoing commitment to respecting the diversity of the communities we serve.

The Maypole Project provides care and support to people from all cultures, those with faiths, beliefs and religions and those without.

Maintaining open and clear communication with all parents and carers is very important to the work of The Maypole Project. If we have cause for concern relating to your child, we will share this with you and explain the actions that we will take.

As a care provider, The Maypole Project has a duty to share information relating to all children in our care, particularly when there are known child protection concerns. Our guiding principle is whether information sharing is likely to protect and keep children safe and this is done regardless of the love and support they have around them. There is very clear national guidance on how The Maypole Project must share information and consideration is always given as to what information is necessary.