The Olympics are here!

Another chance to get behind our athlete’s and cheer team GB to gold! But why not take the opportunity to fundraise between your work colleagues, friends or families. We have lots of fundraising ideas to get you started and help you all the way to gold.

Get Social

Get together and celebrate with family and friends, organise an Olympic quiz or celebrate with the athletes at the opening or closing ceremony. You can then ask people to donate at the event or include some of the other fundraising ideas.

Office Olympics

Virtual or face to face, take up the challenge and go for gold! Pencil javelin, desk chair races, rubber band archery, everyone can give it a go. You can charge an entry fee into each event as a way of fundraising.

Olympic Sweep Stake

Why not organise a sweep stake amongst friends and colleagues, whether its which country wins the most golds or who wins a certain event, it’s a great way to fundraise and have some fun. You can create your own or use this website to make it even easier (https://www.sweepstakegenerator.com/generator/tokyo-2020-olympics/) You can always duplicate peoples entries so they get even more chance to win!

Take on the Olympics

Why not join the athletes in completing your own challenge and raising sponsorship, you could do one of the Olympic disciplines or why not think outside the box, 500 burpees, 100m skip, danceathon.

There’s so many ways to get involved, cheer our athletes, have fun and raise some money for The Maypole Project. Please get in touch to let us know you are fundraising and also if we can help in anyway.