Celebrate and donate!

If it’s your birthday, anniversary, or other special day, or if you’re getting married (congratulations!), and you want to ask for donations to The Maypole Project in lieu of gifts, it’s super easy to do this and will help so many children and young people with complex medical needs.

If you’re on Facebook, you can set up a fundraising page or add a donate button to a post on your page, which makes it very easy for friends and family to donate in your honour. Their donations come straight to the charity and go immediately to work . To get started, please visit Facebook’s fundraising page and follow the easy instructions.

Another easy way to support our charity as part of your big day is to buy pin badges to give as favours. Your guests get something small but special, and you can tell them a donation has been made in their honour. Win-win!

Contact Fundraising@themaypoleproject.co.uk and tell us about your celebration today and you’ll get all the info you need on how to fundraise as part of your celebration, including how to order pin badges or other items.

Set up your JustGiving Page