Counselling and Befriending


Our therapies aim to provide all family members with a safe space and place in which they can explore their changed and changing world.

Adult Therapies (18years+) are offered as one to one counselling, couples counselling or family therapy.

Child Therapies (from 0-18years) help children explore their world and make sense of their experiences and feelings in the way best suited to them;

  • Child Therapy
  • Play Therapy
  • Drama Therapy
  • Groups


Counselling is provided by staff and trained volunteers (family support practitioners) who are qualified to Counselling Diploma level (or equivalent).  It can be one-to-one, in couple, through family therapy, play therapy or art therapy.  Counselling helps people where the diagnosis of the child has caused very high levels of stress and/or has re-triggered emotions connected to earlier issues.

Hayley - The Maypole Project

When Hayley first came into contact with The Maypole Project she was quiet and shy. She contracted Stephen Johnson’s Syndrome, a rare disease when she was 3. Now, aged 18 she is doing her A levels.

“Having Sally to talk to has helped me to understand myself, understand my illness and deal with its effect on me. Her support has helped me to bring me out of myself and boosted my self-confidence, so much that I now ask for what I need.”


Befriending is a more informal form of support. It’s provided by family support workers who are trained and supervised by The Maypole Project to help families who need to “let off steam”, often over a cup of tea.

Aisling - The Maypole Project

The following is the story from children in a family who have received home visits over a period of several years:

Aisling was born with multiple organ abnormalities and has had a successful kidney transplant. The family have had the support of a Maypole Project key worker since her birth.

Her sister Niamh, also with disabilities from Arnold Chiara Malformation says:

‘What would happen if there was no Maypole for families – where would families get support? It helps my Mum to stay calm and cope with us. We need Mum strong because we are hard work.’

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