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The Georgiev Family

2016-11-19 10.04.00

“When Sasha was born unexpectedly with traumatic brain injury nearly seven years ago, having been deprived of oxygen during birth, the lives of my husband Martin and myself changed dramatically. We found ourselves coping not just with the demands of being new parents but with the emotional and practical implications of having a child who, it became clear over time, would be severely disabled. At the age of six, Sasha can’t walk, talk, sit unaided or use his hands. He has a feeding tube and epilepsy and he requires more equipment than we could ever have known existed. Despite the daily challenges we face as a result of having a child with cerebral palsy, we have gone on to have two other children, Gabbie and Florrie – much to the bemusement of many people who know us!
We were aware of The Maypole Project but it was not until after the birth of our youngest daughter that we decided to look into the counselling sessions.
When we contacted The Maypole Project to enquire about this, the subject of play therapy for our middle daughter, Gabbie, who is four, was raised.
As a result of this conversation, Gabbie benefitted from a course of play therapy sessions. She absolutely loved them and considered them a real treat.
Martin has been attending counselling sessions which allow him to talk freely about whatever is on his mind. I am also planning to take advantage of this service when Gabbie starts school.
We have found The Maypole Project excellent to work with. Being a relatively small local charity means that you feel that they genuinely treat you as an individual. The staff are approachable and understanding. The wide range of services offered by the charity is also extremely helpful. We certainly feel that our interaction with The Maypole Project has been incredibly positive and hope that we can continue to work with them in the future.”

The Seeney Family

“We have two sons with autism but the younger one had a traumatic rare regressive condition which very little is known about. As a family, we have been through some extremely difficult times, at times not knowing who and where to turn to for support and understanding.

The Seeney Family - The Maypole Project

“We discovered The Maypole Project and they have been a constant source of support through the worst point in our lives. When you are in crisis, to have somewhere to turn to outside your family and friends is crucial. The burden of worry is too much to take otherwise. Counselling helps unravel the many feelings and issues to be dealt with and makes a big difference in how I cope therefore affecting the family as a whole.

The support serves as a lifeline when finding ourselves in a stressful situation. It is rather isolating dealing with it all and to share and offload makes such a big difference. We are truly grateful for the support that has been given and continues to be given and I can honestly say that without it we wouldn’t be where we are now because for me the Maypole is helping me find the strength when I am really struggling with my daily challenge of raising two sons with contrasting special needs.

The Maypole Project is a gem of an organisation giving high quality and much needed support and making a real difference to families such as ours who find themselves in very difficult times. Thank you Maypole you do a wonderful job.”

The Deakins Family

“We were initially introduced to The Maypole Project through our son’s Community Nurse. Arthur was a year old at this time and his complex medical needs were becoming increasingly profound.

The Deakins Family - The Maypole Project

The Maypole Project became a vital link in our support network, attending medical consultant meetings, acting as an advocate for us and Arthur, ensuring that our voice, and more importantly Arthur’s voice, was heard.

We felt completely overwhelmed by Arthur’s situation and found ourselves in the medical world of which we had no previous experience. We were daunted, confused and desperate to find a way to best support our little boy.

Arthur’s ‘whole body, total involvement, Cerebral Palsy’ was not easy to define, with many differing medical opinions to grasp and work our way through. By attending the consultant reviews The Maypole Project ensured that we challenged what we were heard and enabled us to find our own voice in ensuring that we supported Arthur’s direct needs and comfort, which was most paramount in our minds.

We will always be grateful to the Maypole Project who guided us through the most difficult times of Arthur’s short life.”

If you have accessed our support and would like to share your story please contact the Support Team on Helpline@themaypoleproject.co.uk or call 01689 889889


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